1 pair Metallic Sintered
TruckerCo Brake Pads

(2 pads, 1 wheel)

Caliper Models: Dura Ace, Ultegra, tiagra, 105, RS805, RS505, R9170, m9170, r9100, 4770 r7070, rs405, rs400, rs305, u5000, 6800, r8000, r7000, u5000


Mountain flat mount and CX models: GRX RX400 RX810 , XTR m9100 m9110 , xt m8110, SLX m7110, m6110


Replaces: L02A L04C K02S K04S K04ti L02s L03A K03s k03ti


Tektro F10BS , TRP Hylex RS

Metallic Sintered compound

sm32 Shimano Flat Mount Road / Mountain/ GRX CX Metallic Sintered

$19.99 Regular Price
$13.99Sale Price

  • Excellent Performance in Wet and Dry Conditions
    Reliability in the Most Extreme Conditions
    High Durability, High Heat Performance
    Best Modulation
    Includes Springs
    Packaging will not smash or bend springs.
    EN Standard
    Competition tested and race proven