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 Disc Brake Pad Friction Materials

We sell high quality brake pads at moderate prices. TruckerCo brake pads are manufactured and tested to TÜV SÜD Tested and Certified to EN standards.  Unlike some cheap imports, our pads are asbestos free.  No one friction material works the best in all conditions.  We currently offer three variations to best suit your needs.  

Organic Semi-Metallic​

  • 40-50%  Metal, Steel Back Plate

  • High Friction, Good Modulation

  • Long Wear Life,  Oil Resistant

  • ​Best All Around Pad, Best Price

  • TÜV SÜD Tested and Certified

  • MSRP $14.99 


     Our semi-metallics offer the best value on the market.   They have a longer wear life and better modulation than our competitors. Due to  a  high friction coefficient they have low noise and less heat buildup.   Safe to use with alloy, carbon, and titanium rotors. Safe for "resin only" rotors. 

Super Light Alloy
Organic Semi-Metallic​

  • 30-40%  Metal, Alloy Back Plate

  • Highest Friction, Good Modulation

  • Light Weight, Best Heat Disipation

  • ​No Noise,  Short break In/ Bedding Time 

  • TÜV SÜD Tested and Certified

  • MSRP $ 16.99 


     The highest performance model. These are popular with the cross-country race crowd. With a little softer compound stopping distance is shorter,  noise is eliminated and has good bite at low temperatures. Excellent performance in wet and dry conditions.  Safe for "resin only" rotors.      *Not recommended for high temps and downhill use.

Sintered Metallic​

  • >60% Sintered Ceramic Metal, Copper Plated Back Plate

  • Extreme Use, Extra Long Wear Life

  • Best Modulation, High Temperature Performance

  • Oil Resistant ,Prone to Noise

  • TÜV SÜD Tested and Certified

  • MSRP  $ 19.99 


     Sintered pads are very popular with down-hill racers. They modulate well and work better when they heat up a little.  They are reliable in the most extreme conditions.  Recommended use with standard steel rotors. 

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