1 pair Superlight Alloy
TruckerCo Brake Pads

(2 pads, 1 wheel)

Fits All Avid Juicy Models
Juicy Seven, 7, 5, 3, 3.5
Juicy Carbon, Ultimate
BBDB, BB7, BB7 Road
Promax DSK905, 907

Organic Semi-Metallic compound

AL1 All Avid Juicy and BB7 Models Superlight Alloy

$16.99 Regular Price
$5.90Sale Price
  • Alloy back plate reduces weight and quickly dissipates heat.
    Saves 10-15 grams per pair over stock pads.
    Excellent performance in wet and dry conditions.
    High friction coefficient shortens stopping distance.
    Safe to use with alloy, steel, and titanium rotors.
    Packaging will not smash or bend springs.
    Competition tested and race proven